RE-EMERGE is a 9 week personalized fitness and mental health program designed for veterans with physical disabilities and/or PTSD. These athletes come together in a class setting with others experiencing similar situations to create community within.  

  • 1 Athlete Training Sponsorship $1,200

Some athletes may require 2 trainers to be able to fully adapt to their exercises. Without extra hands, this may not be achieved. Become a volunteer to help provide support and growth to each class of athletes.



Want to be a RE-EMERGE Athlete? Apply to be apart of Class 3 now!

Class 3 starts January 5, 2021

*Must be a Veteran with a disability*


Emerge’s non-profit adaptive training program has expanded to create a 9 week, 100% free, Veteran only program that will shape body, mind, and soul to create a stronger, more confident person. 


This program will have a few different focuses, first being the body. We will offer specific programmatic training for every disability in the class, where every athlete’s goals will be at the forefront.


Second will be the mind. We will hold mindfulness classes, where we will not only teach the athletes about mental health, but help them achieve full mental clarity and stability.


Third will be the soul. This one isn’t something that you can teach, but instead something that you can feel. By creating such an inspiring and safe place, confidence within themselves will soon follow. We will also have our athletes coach their fellow classmates through different workouts, essentially putting themselves in a different pair of shoes for the day.


The combination of these things, among others, will allow our athletes to be at peace within their own souls once again. 



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